MEDIA STRATEGY: The emphasis of captions and The hashtag

After spending several hours at 150 N. Riverside and asking strangers that walked along the site questions about the important of the structure’s location, I realized I was receiving many of the same answers: “awesome location,” “very close to transit,” and the most obvious, “beautiful views of the city.” I wanted to dig deeper, so I decided to create an Instagram account to repost photos that were tagged on-the-spot.  What I realized after re-posting, was the importance of hashtags and how they could certainly represent a more accurate glimpse from those experiencing the site for my final essay on 150 N. Riverside Plaza.

The emphasis of captions and The hashtag:

Somewhere, Someday, Sometime, Someone.


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Always a great view from the top! #createcommune


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Even though taking a bike to work is so much faster than walking, I prefer to be on foot to better see the scenery.
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Accomplishments: catching a photo of the El and the water taxi together, *and* not accidentally dropping my phone in the Chicago River.#chicagogram #urbanspace #explorechicago #ilovechicago #cityphotography #chicagophoto #chicagolife #commute #commuter #transit #uncoordinated


The aspect ratio (height of the structure relative to the width of the core) of 150 North Riverside is approx. 20:1. To achieve this, the structure is composed of W36x925 and W14x873 columns. These are some of the WORLD’S LARGEST structural shapes made. 150 is the FIRST U.S. building that was built with A913 Grade 70 Sections.
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150 North Riverside is a 54-story commercial building located between Randolph and Lake Street, just West of the Chicago River.

Just shy of 1.5 million square feet of program, 150 N. Riverside is made up of conference centers, a fitness center, restaurants, bars and retail space. The structure was designed by well-renowned Chicago architecture firm, Goettsch Partners for the Riverside Investment & Development Company which was founded in 2010 by John O’Donnell. The investment group was awarded Chicago’s 2017 CCREA ‘Developer of the Year’ award and is made up of an impressive team of expert developers, investors, real estate and construction executives. I’m interested in learning more about the investors behind 150 N. Riverside and why they selected the architects and engineers they did for the project that was completed in 2017.


Perspective of 150 N. Riverside via the backseat of an Uber.

Alive indeed lives 150 N. Riverside

To experience. To gather. To master

The above photo was taken during my first visit to 150 N. Riverside. I was able to tour a floor that was unleased, empty, and bareboned. There were no walls to obstruct my view and the floor was filled with quite chatter. But loud enough to hear excitement.


Alive indeed lives 150 N. Riverside.